We specialize 100% in CORPORATE VIDEO production.

We take care of all phases of the production process.

Since then inception, getting the information, scripting, shootings, editing and final delivery.

Our scripts are written by a renowned team of writers.

We have experts for the aerial shootings with modern equipment. Drone Phantom III FULL HD 1080p / 4K, GPS, live streaming HD video and 2 km range.

We have a large network of professional native speakers for foreign languages voiceovers, as well as a big database of specific soundtracks.

Learn step by step how to make a video

    After receiving your contact and understanding your needs, we’ll immediately prepare and send you a quote. If necessary, we can schedule a visit or a call to better understand your project so we can create the best video.
    In this phase our team will use all the information we have about your project to create a script with proposals of text, scenes, soundtracks, voiceovers, graphical animations and subtitles, for your review. This phase is critical for the quality of your video.
    Professionals and cameras in action! One of the most important steps is the shooting itself. Different cameras, tripods, lights, microphones, aerial shootings with a drone are all used to collect the best material suitable for your project. Our team of experts will direct and run the shootings to make sure everything is captured based on the previously approved script.
    With the entire material available, we’ll edit your video. Licensed soundtracks and specific voiceovers (or a voiceover on a different foreign language) are all included in this phase. All images are put in the right places plus the addition of graphic effects, 2D / 3D animations and subtitles, all under the “careful eye” of our talented team. We rely on decades of experience to make sure the best quality video is created for you.
    Each video must attend the client’s requirements, therefore, any necessary adjustments will be done on this phase until it meets your demand.
    The files are finalized in FULLHD (MP4, WMV, MOV). Suitable for websites and social network use. The customer receives the links to download and approve, until the final version.
    We keep everything archived, so when you need to update your video, just contact us and you can have the new updated version on your video in your hands in just a few days.